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this one is just a doodle but i like the samarie in the corner that i drew

my baby boy winston!!! not really the proudest of this one but i think its neat

i love her marina forever!!!

my oc's dead sister (sorry circe)

i got bored

got into fear and hunger around this time ^_^

MIKUMIKUMIKU!!! ^0^ i actually own this figure which is why i drew it!!!

my boyfriend's oc sunny.. the most toxicest of yaoi is produced by the healthiest of couples

started experimenting with different brushes i found this one i really liked and drew my boyfriends husband (goro) to test them out

it was gumi's birthday!! the account retweeted the art but also the owner just retweets every single tweet with #gumi on it soooo

drew this immediately after watching madoka magica!!!!! i cried.. T_T the artwork was seriously amazing and inspired me alot

my friend kris' oc!! hes a lawyerrr

still love this one lol i was looking at satoris wiki for her spell cards and thought double black death butterfly sounded cool as fuck.. i really wish spell cards looked the way their names sounded

this angel character i created mainly to vent but WE UP!

my boyfriend and i's ocs i started getting shapey with it but only for a short period of time?????

COMMISSIONED BY MY FRIENDDDD he gave me like 50 dollars for it i got a sick ass miku figure so

splatfest!!!! team alien!!!!

my splatoon era

oouhhhhh honestly? only drew her for the interactions i think shes cute but thats all

my old oc solar hes dead now (will be coming back when i feel like it)

SPLATFEST!!!! my first drawing of 2023


my old fursona the way i dressed myself was the worst back then

this character was a study on vocaloid character design and i was trying to do stuff with poses but i refused to do studies like a dumbass?

gumi.. trying real hard

ohhh emera emera oh my goodness. oldest oc ever i think.. shes still around just as a normal human

i remember i tried that greyscale technique and it was really really bad

KOISHI!! i was trying my best

okayyy were trying to do.. something.. old oc might bring her back we(i) miss you valentine

made this for someone on artfight you can tell i didnt know how to draw poses like at all

one of my first actual touhou fanarts i think

OK SO DISCLAAIMMEERRRR im not into ranfren fuck captainhowdie like actually this is just for the sake of preserving my artwork